Helsinki Coffee Festival’s professional day 12.4.2019

from 10AM to 4PM

Register here

  • For professionals interested in coffee
    • horeca, retail, catering, roasteries
    • offices that value coffee culture and want to serve better coffee
    • students (over 18-year-old)
  • Free entrance through registration.
  • Without registration the entrance fee is 25€
  • The event is K-18.

Barista stage

10.00             Welcome!

10.05-10.45  How to secure the future of coffee?

  • Conversation on different sustainable projects in coffee countries
  • What coffee companies and roasteries can do to secure sustainable coffee growth?

10.50-11.30  Digitalization in coffee trade

  • How the distance between the farmer and the roaster is decreasing due to technology enhancements and increasing access to technology in origin countries.

11.30-12.15  Sommelier CUP Tasters

12.15-13.00  How to minimaze the coffee waste?

  • How cafés and restaurants can minimaze waste?

13.00-13.30 How and why to make better coffee and tea at the office?

  • Why an office should make and serve better coffee and tea?
  • Does better coffee and tea make impact on the employees?

13.30-14.00  The current coffee trends

  • What are the café trends of 2019 and how to be interesting as a café?
  • How has the café behaviour changed in the last 5 years?

14.00-14.30  The new tea tastes of spring

  • new tea flavours and cold drinks

14.30-14.50  The future of coffee grinders

  • What are the best solutions for coffee grinders for offices?

14.50-15.20  How better coffee is good business?

  • Investing in better coffee can be also better business

15.20-15.40  The quality of water makes a difference in the taste of coffee

15.40-16.00  The secret behind a perfect roast

  • The filter coffee of the year roaster Petri Nieminen from Caffi and the espresso of the year roaster from Inka Paahtimo

Roasting stage (2nd floor)

11.00 Cupping by Pirkanmaan paahtimo

12.00 Cupping by Primavera

13.00 Cupping

14.00 Cupping by Algrano

15.00 Coffee Beer Tasting by Kaffa Roastery

This is a preliminary programme and it is subject to change. Helsinki Coffee Festival holds the rights to change the programme.